Engineering Services Offered by RoIP Technologies

At RoIP Technologies, we offer several services for our clients. If you want a particular service that you do not see listed here, contact one of the sales associates for more information. They can easily be reached by email at

On-site installation
- We have skilled installation staff to assist in wiring our products to your radios, repeaters, and dispatch consoles.

Remote administration
- We can monitor and administer your systems from our offices in Vancouver.
- We also offer an automated alarm system if your sites become down for any reason.

Remote level monitoring and adjustment
- Is the audio a bit loud? The RoIP staff can remotely alter the settings of your system for optimal performance.

Dynamic IP resolution services
- Do you not have the money for static IP addressing, but still want the benefits of RoIP products? No problem, as our servers can resolve your dynamic IP addresses for your talk group automatically.

Community reflector services
- Do not have the bandwidth for your own community reflector system? We can offer bandwidth on our servers for your organization.

Software updates
- As an RoIP customer, you will always be running the latest in RoIP technology, as we offer free upgrades in the first year. We also offer continuing service contracts for customers who always want to be on the leading edge.

PC setup and configuration
- Not familiar with Linux? No problem, our staff is here to help. We can assist you in the installation process, and even have on-site personnel to assist you.

- Is there a feature we have not offered you that you would like to see? If so, contact us, and we will be happy to help you. Many of the great features in the RoIP software and hardware were ideas from our clients.