Common Questions

The following is a list of commonly asked questions. Check back here frequently as this list is updated as new questions arise. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us. Questions can be asked to

Q.    I listened to voice-over-IP before, and it was choppy with poor quality, and hard to understand. Why is your product different?

A.    That was the Internet of the past. Recent improvements to switching equipment and bandwidth improvements on the Internet have allowed high quality radio signals to be seamlessly passed around the world. The audio quality of the audio link is higher quality than the radio can reproduce, and is similar to a wired telephone call.


Q.    We tried this in the past, and the software and hardware was hard to control and unreliable. What does your product do better than the others?

A.    This was the exact problem that started the development of the software behind all RoIP products. Built on the stable Linux platform, software and hardware failures are rare, and the devices are designed to provide many years of trouble-free service.


Q.    The delays across the internet are so large, it confuses the people using the link? What kind of delay should we expect?

A.    The internet uses the same digital lines as the phone service, and thus is subject to similar delays. Although there is an additional delay when encoding and decoding the packets, the total delay from speaking to retransmitting is less that a quarter second. In most cases, the delay is LESS than that of a digital cellular phone.


Q.    Can I interface into my existing dispatch console?

A.    Yes. The RoIP hardware emulates a radio, and can be interfaced into any radio port on dispatch consoles without any additional interfacing hardware or circuitry.


Q.    What if I only want to link digital paging signals?

A.    RoIP Technologies Inc. can engineer solutions for many types of radio traffic; digital or analog. We have designed solutions for both voice and POCSAG linking systems.


Q.    What is the difference between the IRLP ( and RoIP products?

A.    RoIP products are based on technologies and principles that are tested and proved in the Amateur Radio spectrum. The Amateur Radio system (IRLP) is a system built on unsupported free software using a central server whereby the costs required to setup and configure the system are the responsibility of the purchaser. Volunteers on the project provide any support and installation assistance.

RoIP is an individually supported service, using more robust and secure software protocols. The systems are tailored to your company’s requirements and specifications.