RoIP Technologies has designed two main products to handle all possible or probable uses of the RoIP software suite. If you have any questions about either product, please contact one of our sales associates. They can be easily reached by email at

Embedded Product

RoIP has designed an embedded appliance for reliably running the RoIP software This platform contains no moving parts (including no cooling fans), requires no maintenance, and is designed for several years of trouble-free operation. Each embedded computer contains the full suite of RoIP software, software license, and handles all logic and audio processing on-board. All that is required is the interface wiring to your radio equipment.

The embedded solution was designed to overcome several problems that the PC solution presented. These problems were due to the cooling fans, hard drives, and power requirements of a full PC.

The embedded solution comes with a full warranty, on the embedded appliance, software, and hardware interface.

PC Product

RoIP also provides a solution to users who wish to install the software on their own PCs. You can install the software and interface hardware yourself, and license the system on a per-PC basis. Most PC based systems can be built from obsolete computer hardware and can be found at a fraction of the cost of a new PC. Although PCs require more maintenance than the embedded solution, they are a more economical solution when 99% reliability is not a requirement.