About RoIP

RoIP Technologies was started by David Cameron of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

David is an avid amateur radio operator, whose interests were always in designing products to make two-way radio more functional. In 1998, while studying for his Engineering degree at the University of British Columbia, David designed the Internet Radio Linking Project, or IRLP (see http://www.irlp.net for more information). This project was designed to find an economical, reliable, and secure way to link amateur radio stations around the world. This project has accomplished its goal and more, as there are now almost 1000 locations worldwide communicating through the advances of the project.

RoIP Technologies was started in 2002 to fill the obvious need for similar linking systems to exist in the commercial market. Although IRLP and RoIP products share similar hardware, the software suite provided by RoIP Technologies allows for the reliability, flexibility, and functionality demanded in the commercial market.

Armed with 12 years of internet linking experience, RoIP Technologies is here to provide your organization with the solutions YOU require.